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Sunny Recycled Wool Bouclé

She’s the life of the party. Wearing this easy fit, recycled wool boucle jacket beautifully compliments her infectious charisma. 

BB is wearing her typical size, an XS.

Length is 74 cm (29”). 

Lining, Trim & Zipper Details:

  • Sunny & Limeade Zebra Printed Organic Cotton Lining
  • Undyed Organic Cotton Zipper Tape, Gold Plated Brass Zipper Teeth
  • Metal Snaps
  • Smocking
  • Front pocket detail
  • Single back vent

Pre-order shipping window: May 1st-June 31st

Fabric Details

Main Fabric: 100% Recycled Wool

Lining: 100% Organic Cotton

Made in Italy

The ABNY brand is made possible by the exquisite craftsmanship of Italian artisans who manufacture all our clothing and accessories with a low-carbon footprint. Production of our sustainable fabrics are developed in family-owned factories, utilizing renewable resources and preventing further production of microplastics.

Our small and skillful team of artisans in Italy have been manufacturing high quality clothing for generations. The ABNY seamstresses are now crafting tailored and timeless clothing that will become the vintage of the future.

Recycled Wool

100% of our wool fabrics in our collection are recycled. 

Wool, unlike cotton, is made from the fleece of animals like sheep and goats. It's a fantastic material with numerous significant features that contribute to its great quality. One of its many benefits, for example, is that it absorbs moisture and draws it into its fibers.

The fundamental benefit of wool is that it is fully natural, as long as no chemicals such as synthetic dyes or preservatives are applied during the manufacturing process. Sheep and goats, whose hair is used to make this valuable fiber, can also contribute to the fight against climate change. Their presence in pastures aids in the stabilization of the soil's nutritional balance as well as its ability to absorb water.

Wool is a naturally long-lasting fiber. Wool is not only 100 percent biodegradable, but it is also reusable and recyclable, adding to its environmental worth. Wool clothes may be kept in circulation for a long time, reducing their environmental impact. Woollen items, according to research, have the ability to last numerous 'lifetimes,' lasting 20-30 years and frequently longer. Wool is easily recyclable, having well-established recycling routes. Wool is recycled in a closed loop system, which involves returning clothing to their raw fiber condition and spinning the fiber into yarn to create new items. 

Virgin wool already has a low carbon footprint, however, recycled wool saves 11 KG of CO2 per kilo produced compared to virgin wool. As well, 500 liters of water are saved per kilo of recycled wool compared to virgin wool (Sustain Your Style).

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