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All of our fabrics are made of the highest quality materials which means they need to be handled with care.

You will find a detailed description on each product page that outlines the best ways to care for each garment. We strive to make care as easy as possible for you, so all of our cotton fabrics are machine washable on cold-cycle. All of our fabrics can be washed by hand or dry cleaned, but we recommend asking your dry cleaner to use methods like wet cleaning, liquid carbon dioxide cleaning or silicon-based solvents. These are the most delicate methods and we have found they are also the most environmentally friendly. 

Hand washing may not seem like the most convenient way to clean your clothes but it is the most delicate, most cost effective and saves the most water.

See our steps below for how to hand wash your clothes:

1. Fill a clean sink or washing tub with cold water

2. Add a gentile detergent (our recommendation is Dropps Stain & Odor Detergent as it is zero waste and incredibly delicate on all fabrics)

3. Stir the mixture until you see suds and add your garments to wash

4. Move your garments around to make sure they are completely drenched and let sit for about 10 minutes

5. Dump out the sudsy water and fill the sink again to rinse out your garments

6. Fold your garments in a white cotton towel and let sit for a few minutes. This helps to absorb the excess moisture and make sure your garments are not dripping when you hang them to dry.

Other tips & tricks.

We recommend staying away from dryers, as they can shrink garments and cause damage. You can hand dry your garments on a hanger. It is safe to iron all of our styles on low temperature.

For cottons, linens and wool fabrics, you can iron when the garments are slightly damp, but for silks, wait until the garment is completely dry before ironing.

The same goes for steaming. All of our garments are safe to steam, however with the organic silk keep at least 3 inches from the garment and no not linger on one area for too long as it can damage the fabric.

For any styles with buttons, it is safe to wash in cold water. When ironing or steaming garments with metal buttons, try to avoid the buttons as steam can damage the finishing. 

For any styles with belts, remove the belt before washing as the interior metal structure could damage the fabric covering. 

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