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We have created a formula for our packaging that creates absolutely no waste.

Packaging is one of the greatest problems in the fashion industry. Specifically, poly bags that are used to protect products during warehousing and shipping, are usually made of non-recyclable plastics that can be very harmful to marine life. Our solution is a newly-developed packaging formula that creates zero waste.

We pledge that:

100% of our poly-bags are made of compostable materials.

100% of our dust bags and garment bags are made of 47% recycled cotton.

100% of our hangers are made of recycled paper pulp.

100% of our shipping packages are zero waste.

Compostable Poly Bags

We use two different compostable poly bags for our packaging. The first is used for our folded garments, shoes and small hand bags. The second is used for our hanging garments.

Our standard compostable poly bags are made by Eco Garment Bags with factories in Malaysia, Korea and Vietnam. They created these bags as a solution for the fashion industry’s plastic problem. 

Eco Garment Bags are made using ground breaking technology that combines the positive attributes of single-use plastics - including strength, transparency and durability - whilst causing no harm to the environment.

They are made from Hydropol™, a unique technology developed by British company Aquapak.

Conventional plastic garment repel water and take decades to degrade into smaller pieces of toxic microplastics. Hydropol™ dissolves in water, meaning these bags are completely biodegradable within 12 months, leaving behind nothing harmful at their end-of-life cycle. Hydropol(™) is well known as being biodegradable in soil, compost, freshwater, sewage and landfills.

See the video below for more.

Our compostable garment bags, made by Reca Mainetti in Italy, have similar properties except they don’t dissolve in water. After industrial composting, all that remains is nutrient rich biomass, water and carbon dioxide.

Dust Bags and Garment Bags

All of our dust bags and garment bags are made by Sermen in Italy. They are all made of undyed 47% recycled cotton and 53% natural cotton.

Our dust bags are used to package all of our folded garments, shoes and handbags. They can be used not only to protect your products when not in use or they can be used as produce bags, accessories holders for traveling or any other miscellaneous uses. We hope that you will continue to use these past their initial purpose.

Our garment bags are also made of the same materials. We have designed two different sizes - one for jackets and coats that can be useful for travelling and one for our dresses and jumpsuits that is easily foldable to put in any suitcase. 


All of our hangers are made by Mainetti in Italy. The THECHA Hanger is a great alternative to plastic. It is made from recycled paper content including packaging, newspapers and shopping bags. The paper pulp is molded into a new form and metal hardware is added to finish the hanger.

Zero Waste Shipping

All of our shipping packaging is by Repack. It is durable, made of recycled materials, and upcycled at the end of life. Repack is about creating a circular economy that designs out waste and pollution, keeps products and materials in use and regenerates natural systems.By manufacturing products that are durable and reusable, the amount of waste generated as well as CO2 emissions are considerably reduced. Secondly, reuse saves resources and removes the need to go through a polluting waste management process, like energy recovery or recycling. 

RePack's manufacturing has a bigger CO2 impact than most single-use packaging plastic bags and cardboard boxes, but the return method makes RePack unbeatable in environmental performance, both in reduced CO2 but also trash.

For every returned RePack, we remove the need to manufacture a new packaging, and the need to manage its waste. RePack is returned to reuse in letter size. Based on International Postal Company data - sending a letter has a carbon footprint of 36 grams of CO2 per shipment - the equivalent of an email with a large attachment. It's a super simple solution to reduce trash and CO2 emissions.

Returning your Repack is incredibly easy - simply fold and drop the empty bag to a postbox, anywhere in the world. Repack takes it back - checks, cleans and redistributes it for reuse. 

Learn more about the circular economy of plastics.

See how to return your Repack below.

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