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Clothing without compromise. Where playful style and ethical living meets conscious consumerism.

Our Mission


Experience the joyful freedom of shopping without compromising your style and morals.

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A stylish sustainable wardrobe.

ABNY is reinventing the fashion design life-cycle with a 360° approach to conscious shopping. We apply our sustainable values at every step of the way, from ideation, to sourcing, local manufacturing, packaging, logistics and shipping. 

To A Better Planet

The vintage of the future.

Every piece is carefully considered and designed to stay in a woman’s wardrobe for years to come. We respect the past and the present with our designs, celebrating the vintage aesthetic, yet updating it with our own modern-day twist. These are clothes and accessories that spark joy, are cherished, then passed along to the next generation. We don’t think about seasons or fleeting trends. We design to create the vintage of the future, the artifacts that represent the decade when the world changed.

Care for your clothes
Alli Blair New York models

Clothing made by people who care.

Ethical sourcing and production are at the core of our brand. The ABNY makers are the leaders in green manufacturing in Italy. Our natural fabrics and trims are developed by industry leaders with long histories of innovation.


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