Alli Blair New York is here to brighten the world of sustainable fashion.

We designed a guilt-free retail experience, making it possible for you to have access to ethically-made clothing and accessories without compromising your style or missing out on the fun of fashion.

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From the founder.

Alli Blair is on a mission to make fun, bold fashion more sustainable. As a consumer, Alli always found herself shopping vintage because there were no environmentally-friendly options to suit her vibrant, colorful aesthetic. Tired of having to choose between style or sustainability, Alli created ABNY, marrying ethics with vintage inspirations and upbeat designs.  

Her ultimate aim? To offer a guilt-free retail experience, where looking chic and staying true to your values no longer have to be mutually exclusive. 

After over a year of research and development, this was all made possible by small communities of artisans throughout Italy. They manufacture all our clothing and accessories locally, maintaining a low-carbon footprint. Our custom-made, sustainable fabrics are also developed in family-owned factories in Italy, utilizing renewable and natural resources, to prevent further production of microplastics.

These skilful teams of Italian artisans in Italy have been market leaders for generations. Their commitment to innovation and hand craft is now paving the way for a better future, as they construct ABNY’s top-quality clothing - designed to last for years to come and become the vintage of the future. 

Our Promise.

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We are a conscious retail experience that aims to share knowledge & lead a movement of sustainable innovation in the fashion industry.

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We are pioneering the use of various organic and recycled natural materials in each product that we produce.

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We are creating culturally-relevant fashion pieces that can be worn any season, any year, any decade.

Our Partners

We partner with leading apps, businesses and communities in sustainability and fashion.

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Empowering Fabulous & Ethical Lifestyles.

The ABNY women choose a lifestyle that’s both fun and conscious. Not compromising their values with their consumption habits, means they can revel in the joy of clothes that much more.

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