Domenico Siano established Donisia in 1975, now D4Zero. In later years, the company was handed down to Domenico’s son Gianfranco. D4Zero is a high quality womenswear manufacturer based in Milan. They believe that creativity is a gift: they provide their technical ability to let it be expressed at its best.

To have a genuine relationship with their customers, they promote listening and comprehending each other's needs. They care about every aspect and step of production, which is operated and monitored by professional artisans in order to ensure direct and authentic information exchange.

Their goal is to build and keep long-lasting relationships, based on trust, appreciation, respect, reliability, and flexibility. They have established relationships with prestigious brands of the international Prêt à Porter.

They proudly represent an authentic made in Italy, which connects the love for artisanal production with the respect of the people working for it. At D4zero, trained professionals share their passion and work together with promising young talents. 

Progetto Effelle

The company Progetto Effelle has distant roots in the Italian footwear market, when in 1955, Marcello Pianigiani, founded a shoe factory specializing in children's footwear. 

In the 1970’s, he also moved on to the production of women's footwear, dedicating himself to exporting to Germany, Australia and the United States.

In 1974, under the guidance of his father, the eldest son Alessandro began to follow simultaneously a production specialized in uppers for footwear and semi-finished products of. 

In 1986, with the death of his father, Alessandro focused exclusively on making high-end semi-finished products and uppers, with purely artisanal processes, producing for the most famous fashion brands of the moment.

Over time, women's collections were also added to men's collections.

After gaining experience in various processes at a high level, Federico Pianigiani, grandson of the founder, joined the family business in 2007 and today he is the creative manager.

Father and son are still committed to achieving new goals trying to meet the needs of emerging markets and continue to collaborate with the most accredited brands in international luxury fashion.

Collaborating with Alli Blair New York, Progetto Effelle is creating an innovative way to approach sustainable footwear and other accessories with biodegradable reinforcement materials rarely used in the industry.

Federico Pianigiani was our company’s first investor. This relationship allows us to get transparent costing and allows us to support the local economy of the industrial region of Tuscany.

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