ALESILK, located in the region of Como, is a master in the production of fabrics by virtue of the excellence of its raw material combined with the creativity of its style, specializing in organic silk production in particular.

At present, Alesilk employs 55 people, who share their passion for quality and innovation in the creation of fabrics. 



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With a production capacity of 150,000 meters per month, Alesilk is one of the most important weaving mill companies in the province of Como and among the main players of the silk market. Over the last five years, they have embarked on an important renewal process that has led to a complete updating of the entire fleet of machines: warp frames, heddle looms, jacquard looms and many other types of ancillary machines.


The Peverelli family has been investing for years in sustainability, very much aligning with our ethos to care for the planet and its people. For this reason, Tessitura Peverelli (Alesilk) signed the Greenpeace Detox commitment in 2016 and obtained GOTS certification in 2017. Looking to the future, they are preparing an investment aimed at further raising the level of sustainability of the entire industrial process. 



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We have collaborated with Alesilk to create an innovative new fabric for our collection: the first 4-ply stretch crepe in organic silk to exist. With a team of experts behind their production process, we worked together for over six months to develop this natural and organic fabric that we felt was missing in the market - because choosing the right raw materials is where it all starts from. 


We are all trying to move towards a more sustainable world and I think that the first step is to change our habits, starting from what we are wearing and how we do it. I'm aware that there is a lot to do, especially in the fashion world, but I think that choosing sustainable materials where possible could be a good point of start,” says Arianna Corti, Alesilk client manager. 


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