A leading accessories producer in Italy, Amom is involved in production of our hardware and some buttons from design to prototype construction and quality control.


The company is housed in a sprawling 18.000 square meters facility, where its team of 100 staff works from. 

Ever since the ‘70s the company has been known to invest in new technology and stay up to speed with the latest market needs. Now it’s adopting the same approach when it comes to sustainability.

‘Because our company is part of an increasingly globalized system and the resources it uses, especially the natural ones, belong to a single planet, which we must all commit to safeguarding,” said the company. 

In line with the Sustainable Development Goals set by the United Nations’ Agenda 2030, Global Agenda the company has chosen to work on the following issues: gender equality; affordable and clean energy; decent work and economic growth; climate action; and industry, innovation, and infrastructure. 

Supported by Process Factory (Accredited Provider of ZDHC), Amom has just completed the Sustainability Assessment with good results with the relative detection of performance indicators in reference to the GRI (Global Reporting Initiative) standard. The results obtained so far have allowed them to create effective tools for internal management of the warehouse of substances and related SDSs, extensive training for users and an important result by almost totally eliminating the use of carcinogenic nickel salts in our galvanic baths.

Here are some of its latest initiatives: installing a new “evapo-concentration” treatment line that allows water to be recycled and used in our galvanic and finishing departments, saving 80% of the water resource withdrawn; solar panels sufficient for heating and maintaining the optimum temperature of the galvanic baths and implementing a new recycling scheme to ensure that metal waste is being reused. Amom is also in the process of constructing a photovoltaic system to reduce the factory’s energy consumption.

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