Berto has been in the business of fabric production since 1887, when the company was founded by brothers Guiseppe and Egidio Berto. 


image of berto supplier factory from 1887



They’ve dabbled in both the clothing and interiors markets for decades and more recently established themselves as a leader in Italy’s denim production chain. 

The company puts research and experimentation above all, in order to keep up to date with ”changing times and perceptions.” They are able to innovate to such a high level by employing a lean manufacturing model, which relies on a circular approach.



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Berto pays the utmost attention to energy recovery, constant research of ecological materials, natural processes and water recovery. Our commitment is dedicated to a balanced development of the territory, sustained also through the constant improvement of the quality of our products,” said the company. 


Backing their commitments with actions, in 2016 Berto signed the Detox commitment, sponsored by Greenpeace, to start working towards removing all hazardous substances from the production cycle. 



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The company also uses a natural indigo dyeing process and the least harmful raw materials on the market, including organic cotton, natural linen, and Ecotec(R) Yarn, developed from the regeneration of the factory’s own waste from their production chain.



berto supplier image



berto supplier image



Their indigo dyeing processes include the use of natural indigo, pre-reduced indigo, natural and biodegradable starch, all Detox and Reach approved chemicals. Their dyeing process uses less tanks of water and less chemicals than any standard process. The weaving of denim is done on energy efficient looms with a highly efficient conditioning plant and a led lighting system to reduce CO2 emissions, while fininshings are done using an ozone machine which reduces water consumption by 85% and CO2 emissions by 32% or using  the Matex(R) Eco Applicator that puts chemicals on the fabric without the use of any water.


Berto’s certifications include ICEA, Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS), OKEO-TEX Standard 100, Better Cotton Initiative, ISO 9001, Consorzio Italiano Implementazione Detox, and Global Recycled Standard (GRS).

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