Deb, located in Castelli Calepio, stands out as a trim supplier and aligns with our own responsible ethos, because of the quality of the materials they are able to provide. Deb is incredibly determined to sustainability, like with their photovoltaic system, which provides the energy for the production department. 


Deb Factory



deb buttons



deb buttons



The buffalo horns that they use come from domestic farms, which have a minimal impact on the environment. In these domestic farms in India, the animals grow and live with local families. During their life they guarantee sustenance to the family as they provide milk, yogurt and excrements for agriculture, heating and insulation. At the end of their life, the animals become a source of profit for the family. Nothing from the animal is wasted like the horns for buttons, while horn waste is used for agricultural purposes. All of Debs horn buttons are certified organic by GOTS.

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