Print specialist Fasac, housed in a large industrial site of over 40,000 square metres, has been contributing to great ‘Made in Italy’ quality output since 1955.


Today, the company remains a market leader with a team of over 300 employees and a distribution network that spans 40 countries across the globe.  

Its technologically advanced printing machinery is one of its greatest strengths, backed by an efficient finishing, steaming and washing department.

As well as investing in modernizing its operations, the company has also been putting sustainability at the top of the agenda. It optimizes energy consumption throughout its facilities with the use of solar panels, the most stringent purification system, as well as photovoltaic and gas cogeneration plants. It also uses a pilot wastewater treatment plant for the removal of nitrogen when processing materials in collaboration with LIFE dNtreat and  “rigorously controlled disposal practices” for its dyes. 


Fasac’s certifications include OKEO-TEX Standard 100, Seri.co, GOTS and GRS.

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