Brothers Romeo and Mario Mainetti, devised their first hanger in the early ‘50s, to cater to the needs of their then-employer Count Gaetano.


Mainetti hangers


Mainetti hangers



He was looking for innovative hangers for the ready-made suits his company was producing and the brothers offered him an ergonomically designed plastic hanger to replace the expensive and heavy wooden hangers in the market at the time. 

Since then the Mainettis expanded to the U.K., France, Canada, India and South East Asia and they employ over six thousand people across six continents. 

They have made it a priority to maintain control of their company and their employees’ well being just like their earlier days, with continuous training, personal development initiatives, and a strict human rights and labor code of conduct.

Caring for the environment is another priority, looking at every stage in the product life cycle, they have been working to reduce the amount of fossil fuels and energy used in their supply chains, as well as replace virgin resources with recycled ones. 

Several of their factories are certified “Green” and have been recognized for environmental excellence in the areas they operate. As an example, Mainetti India was amongst the first recipients of the Indian Green Building Council’s Platinum Green Factory Certification for its energy efficiency, reduction in water usage, conservation of natural resources, and waste reduction. Mainetti’s total carbon footprint, as calculated by electricity consumption, has dropped 22% since 2012 and continues on a downward trajectory. 


They are also known for material innovation and offer a range of alternatives to traditional oil-derived flexible packaging and hangers. ABNY uses their THECHA Hanger, a great alternative to plastic, made from recycled paper content including packaging, newspapers and shopping bags. 


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