Mion S.p.A. was founded by Commander (of an Italian Order of Merit) Alcide Mion in the ‘60s and has since grown to become the largest label weaving departments in the world, consisting of 140 looms specially made for Mion, thanks to over ten years of collaborations with the best German and Swiss textile machinery manufacturers.


mion facilities


mion facilities


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Its printing department is complete with all types of machinery and technologies necessary for the production of hang tags, as well.  

The company puts environmental responsibility at the top of its agenda, from the choice of raw materials, to the packaging of its products. Starting from 2019, Mion has replaced all its packaging, both for internal handling and for shipping to the customer, with recycled and eco-sustainable packaging, both in cardboard and PVC

“Since 1967, the year in which the company was founded, we have always been attentive to the eco-sustainable aspect. Our headquarters are located in the Euganean Hills regional park, consequently respecting the high environmental standards set by the region,” said Mion chief executive officer, Niccolò Mion. 



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“Until now we limited ourselves to making eco labels only for those who requested them but, from the middle of next year, we will provide them to everyone without distinction. Our supplier, in fact, boasts the Global Recycle Standard (GRS). We, for our part, have always had a strong sense of responsibility both towards the environment and for people and this new step towards a 100% eco-friendly product represents further proof of the direction we aim for.”

The company also holds the Oeko-Tex class 1 certification since 1995, which certifies the quality of the fibers it uses.

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