Sermen is an Italian packaging company providing high-end dust bags made of top quality fabric since 1988. 

Not only is Sermen one of the most efficient companies out there, they use automatic manufacturing procedures and produce some 1 million bags each month, but also one of the most responsible. Sermen’s production facility is a bold architectural renovation of a previously abandoned factory. Thanks to the solar power system installed in November 2017 on their headquarters roof, they can monitor how their activity is able to reduce their carbon footprint. Their power output is 34.47 kW, their energy output is 133.7 MWh, and their carbon emission output is 66.8 k CO2. Their commitment to make their activity more and more eco-friendly. They also only use recycled paper for packing goods.


Their activity also means giving back to their community, which is why they donate to Città della Speranza (City of Hope), a medical research center for children with onco-hematological diseases. They believe it is their moral duty, an effort to contribute to a better world. 

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