Zip Goffredo

Zip Goffredo is the market leader in the production of zippers, located in Bari, Italy, offering modern production lines which blend technological efficiency with a commitment to sustainability. 

In 1995, they developed galvanic processes, dyeing and coating without the use of carcinogenic substances and then in 1996, Zip Goffredo produced nickel-free hypoallergenic zips.

For this reason, the third eco-friendly plant was born in 2008 with the adoption of the most modern technological innovations for human health, energy saving and recovery, and respect for the environment. In 2014, they were the first company to sign the Greenpeace Detox campaign for the elimination of toxic substances from 11 productions.

The year later, Zip Goffredo received an award, as part of Ambiente Puglia, for companies that respect and improve the environment. Even this past year in 2020 during the health emergency caused by Covid-19, Zip Goffredo converted production lines to produce zip fasteners for disposable overalls distributed to civil protection and medical workers.

Its chemical departments have achieved a reduction of water, gas and chemical consumption by using digital control of the process and prevention of dispersion and the process of metal finishing gives evidence of their goal being achieved thanks to a zero discharge plant. Their constant research of new materials allows them to be the first to use certified yarns coming from sustainable farms and recycled waste, like GOTS certified organic cotton and GRS certified recycled polyester. These materials with green finishing and high-performance environmental processes, allows the finished product to have an unparalleled sustainable rating.

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