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Classic Blue & Dutch Baby Blue Zebra Printed Upcycled Silk Cheesecloth with Dutch Baby Blue Organic Cotton Poplin

She’s the intellectual who converses over alternative energy resources and also the most fashionable woman in the room. This upcycled resilk dress first will inspire with her outward expressionism, then steal your heart with her genuine passion for the world around her. 

Mammina is wearing her size, an XS.

Length is 84 cm (33”)

Trim Details:

  • High Polished Gold Plated Brass Mini Buttons
  • Pull over - back neck opening

Pre-order shipping window: May 1st-June 31st

Fabric Details

Main Fabric: 100% Upcycled Silk - Global Recycled Standard certified

Secondary Fabric: 100% Organic Cotton

Made in Italy

The ABNY brand is made possible by the exquisite craftsmanship of Italian artisans who manufacture all our clothing and accessories with a low-carbon footprint. Production of our sustainable fabrics are developed in family-owned factories, utilizing renewable resources and preventing further production of microplastics.

Our small and skillful team of artisans in Italy have been manufacturing high quality clothing for generations. The ABNY seamstresses are now crafting tailored and timeless clothing that will become the vintage of the future.

Organic Cotton

100% of our virgin cotton fabrics in our collection are organic with GOTS certification. 

In some ways, organic cotton is synonymous with sustainability. Farmers that grow organic cotton want to produce a product that is more sustainable in terms of the health of their fields, water supply, and air quality.

Instead of genetically modified types, farming operations use all-natural seed. Furthermore, no pesticides or insecticides are used in the cultivation ensuring the purity of the fiber along with the health of the farmers and soil.

Organic cotton is also weaved, dyed or printed and finished without the use of any chemical substances according to strict GOTS environmental and toxicological criteria. 

It has a substantially lower water footprint for several reasons: Hazardous chemicals cannot run off into waterways, resulting in cleaner rivers, lakes, and drinking water. 

Overall cotton in general decomposes effortlessly and is naturally compostable. It's also great for recycling.

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Upcycled Silk - Resilk

We proudly carry an innovative and one-of-a-kind 100% upcycled silk fabric in our collection called Resilk.

Mantero’s idea was to recover the large amount of waste generated by the silk production process, second-class fabrics and the surplus production, and transform it into new material.

RESILK (R) is available in a wide range of weaves. These include incredibly light and enveloping fabrics to forms which are perfect for the home sector, a yarn-dyed jacquard version, dyed stoles, screen-printed and digital printed fabrics, all with an extraordinaryily innovative touch.

Selection: Pure silk excess production material, second-class fabrics, scraps, branded fabrics, obsolete stock are grouped by homogeneous classes based on yarn treatment and the processing during weaving and finishing.

Destruction: The fabrics are cut and shredded with appropriate machines to create silk flakes.

Spinning: Silk flakes are spun again to create a regenerated pure silk yarn. Resilk GRS Certificate.

We have entered into an agreement with Mantero to give them the excess waste, cut offs from our 100% organic or upcycled silk fabrics, from our garment manufacturing for them to use to create new materials.

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