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Limeade, Candy Pink & Red Kiss Stars & Stripes Printed Organic Silk Blend Canvas

The striking jacket you wear to your next big event — meeting, date, or maybe an evening soirée. While she’s soft with silk on the inside, her power stance leaves an impression you’ll never forget. 

BB is wearing her size, a 38.

Length is 73 cm (28.75”)

    Lining & Trim Details:

    • Limeade Organic Silk Georgette Lining
    • Fabric Covered Metal Buckle (100% Organic Silk)
    • High Polished Gold Plated Brass Buttons - a button in the interior of the belt for adjustability
    • Front aesthetic pockets
    • Single back vent

    Pre-order shipping window: May 1st-June 31st

    Fabric Details

    Main Fabric: 51% Organic Silk, 28% Linen & 21% Cotton

    Lining: 100% Organic Silk

    Made in Italy

    The ABNY brand is made possible by the exquisite craftsmanship of Italian artisans who manufacture all our clothing and accessories with a low-carbon footprint. Production of our sustainable fabrics are developed in family-owned factories, utilizing renewable resources and preventing further production of microplastics.

    Our small and skillful team of artisans in Italy have been manufacturing high quality clothing for generations. The ABNY seamstresses are now crafting tailored and timeless clothing that will become the vintage of the future.

    Organic Silk

    Almost 100% of our virgin silk fabrics in our collection are organic with GOTS certification.

    The only exception is our silk blended canvas that is made of 51% non-organic silk.

    Organic silk is grown from the “Mulberry” tree. It is differentiated from traditional silk yarn because of the dynamic cultivation method and the feeding of the silk worms with mulberry leaves grown organically.

    No pesticides or insecticides are used in the cultivation ensuring the purity of the fiber and the health of the farmers. Pesticides are responsible for killing organisms that keep our soils healthy, having caused the deterioration of a third of the world’s soil, as well as being linked to causing cancer to farmers with direct exposure. It is essential that pesticides must be eliminated in order to increase biological diversity and protect human health.

    Organic silk is also weaved, dyed or printed and finished without the use of any chemical substances according to strict GOTS environmental and toxicological criteria. 

    Silk decomposes effortlessly and is naturally compostable. It's also great for recycling.

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