Meaningful Fashion: The Why Behind Alli Blair NY

Meaningful Fashion: The Why Behind Alli Blair NY

Meaningful Fashion: The Why Behind Alli Blair NY

In a world where fashion trends cycle through at a rapid rate and clothing is discarded more frequently than ever before, it’s time to rethink the fashion industry. Currently, 80 billion pieces of clothing are sold globally, which is a staggering 400% more than 20 years ago.

We’re not ones to grumble, but let’s take a moment to look at the facts. This is not a sustainable path.

In the business of environmentalism, the sharp focus on our planet’s future can be, well, pretty dismal. And we hate dismal. Consumerism has taken a devastating toll on our planet. When greenwashing is unreliable and fast fashion is everywhere, the textile industry has become one of the leading causes of carbon emissions.

While there are sustainable fashion brands out there with admirable missions to produce clothing with a low carbon footprint, they often stay rather neutral in their colors and minimal in their design. 

But where is the fashion that is both reliably sustainable and uniquely fabulous? We wanted to shop guilt-free and fill our closet with clothing that celebrates both our style and morals.

So when Alli Blair New York emerges into the industry, we aim to brighten the world of sustainable fashion. This is a space created for a radical commitment to ethics, transparent production, leadership in sustainability, and an optimistic (always colorful) expression of style.

Meet Alli Toffolon, the founder and designer of Alli Blair New York.

A commitment to a sustainable lifestyle is nothing new for Alli. She was raised with an education surrounding environmental stewardship and respect for nature around her in New York’s valley of the Appalachian trail.

Her boarding school education system revolved around the latin phrase, “Non scholae sed vitae” which means, “We do not learn for school, but for life.” 

The school operated on 100% renewable energy. The students reduced their personal waste with refillable water stations, composted their food scraps, and reserved their electricity.

As a teenager in this environment, sustainability has been ingrained into her habits and own personal morals.

Being a lover of fashion and understanding her impact, she always felt guilty when shopping for clothes. Because of this, Alli shopped secondhand and reached for vintage clothing for long-lasting pieces that make bold fashion statements.

Documentaries like, The True Cost, were the continued education needed to further fuel the direction of her future mission. When watching, it was emotional and convicting to realize the negative environmental and social impacts existing in the fashion world. It was at that moment Alli knew she wanted to make a difference in the industry.


Why Italy.

When working as a fabric developer and associate designer for a fashion brand in Italy, she built relationships with local fabric mills.

Immersed into the Italian textile industry, she connected with people whose families have been in textile-making for generations. When production shifted to international countries that produced clothing at a lower-cost, Italian textile craftsmanship became something of a forgotten tradition.

Italian-produced clothing still remains some of the best quality clothes today – it's why you often see it embroidered into the label of highly-coveted vintage clothing today. Without a second thought, Alli knew that the people she had come to know in Italy could create modern fashion pieces that remain timeless and durable to become The Vintage of the Future.

With simplified production, operated by a small family-owned business, the ABNY factories are leaders in green manufacturing. They operate on renewable resources, recycle materials, and craft organic fabrics with a low-carbon footprint. This practice of textile manufacturing, altogether, avoids production of waste and unethical exploitation.

Alli has always envisioned a fashion line with eclectic designs in vibrant patterns that makes you look fabulous on the outside and also feel good on the inside. She designed clothing that makes a woman feel instantly confident when walking down a crowded street, dressed head-to-toe in guilt-free fashion.

The exquisite craftsmanship of the Italian textile manufacturers and seamstresses make it possible to create the fabulously tailored looks of the ABNY collections.

What to expect from us.

Alli Blair New York strives to lead a movement of sustainable innovation in the fashion industry. In this conversation of building a better planet and happier humanity, we invite all change-makers and innovators to join us in the movement.

We’re here to inspire change by modeling low-impact production and high-impact leadership. The path towards sustainability is an always evolving journey and we plan to develop our practices as more sustainable technology emerges.

In our present and future evolutions, we will always remain a trustworthy brand that empowers women to look fabulous while fully representing their own humanitarian values.