Positive Luxury: Shaping a Sustainable Future in Fashion

Positive Luxury: Shaping a Sustainable Future in Fashion

Positive Luxury: Shaping a Sustainable Future in Fashion

There was a time when we imagined a future where luxury fashion could represent positivity and strong ethics of our next generation. The fashion world needed a leader to step forward and make that possible. Alli Blair New York is proudly introducing a path that shapes a sustainable future in fashion.

Luxury fashion, reimagined. 

ABNY is pioneering a new standard for sustainable fashion. Alli Blair New York is the first company in the fashion industry that can proudly claim all three facts below:

  • Offers only organic and recycled natural fabrics. 
  • Offers a 360 degree sustainable retail experience from product to packaging to shipping to end-of-life.
  • Offers whimsical, trendsetting, ethical clothing and accessories, proving that sustainability can be fun and fashionable.

We are uncompromising with our production, never cutting corners and always making the sustainable choice. We proudly share our supply-chain, so that our customers can put their trust in us. This luxury clothing without compromise.

1) Organic and recycled natural fabrics. 

We are fortunate to work with local, family-run businesses who manage the ABNY manufacturing in Italy. These are factories that we can fully trust, which ensures consistent alignment with our green manufacturing standards.

Thoughtful decisions are made in order to choose fabrics that are the most sustainable option. When analyzing these complex decisions within these high standards of sustainability, it’s critically important to have the trustworthy suppliers that we do. They create our one-of-a-kind organic and recycled fabrics, produced with renewable resources. These organic fabrics are non-toxic and compostable or biodegradable, allowing for a guilt-free buying experience.

When there wasn’t a fabric out there that we felt confident in it’s sustainability standards, so we made our own. We have developed three custom fabrics with Alesilk, our manufacturer based out of Como, Italy and lean on them for their expertise in silk production.

Among this custom organic silk, the ABNY collections are also made from recycled silk, organic cotton, recycled cotton denim, and various fabric blends. All fabrics are made to be seasonless and transitional to wear again and again and again.

You can shop at ABNY with the satisfaction of avoiding greenwashing and find luxury clothing that supports a better planet and happier humanity.

2) A 360 degree sustainable experience. 

Our sustainable business model is carried out from every aspect of our retail experience. Our poly-bags are compostable, our packaging is organic and reusable, and our shipping partner is circular and carbon neutral. We are working on a strategic take-back initiative with our fabric manufacturers and looking forward to establishing a vertically integrated fabric recycling program for our community.

3) Sustainability that’s fun and fashionable.

We have experienced, firsthand, the feeling of walking through the streets of New York City in our vibrant pink suit. It’s a powerful feeling to wear clothing that you feel proud of. It’s the type of genuine joy that inspires happiness in everyone who crosses your path.

This is clothing that embodies a fashionable woman who enjoys celebrating the world around her, doing whatever she can to turn her small changes into a big impact.


Empowering stylish humanitarians.

For someone who values both fashion and environmentalism, we believe it’s possible to live as a maximalist while still being sustainable. It may be an unconventional take on sustainability, but we like to push the boundaries and also welcome all forms of ethical living. Because at the end of the day, there’s not just one way to be a sustainable person.

We’re here to break the stigma that sustainable fashion should always be defined by minimalism. The world of sustainable fashion currently offers clothing that is minimal in its design and neutral in color. And sustainable living often expects that your closet must have very little clothing. While this method is fulfilling for some, it can feel limiting for others.

We want to empower all stylish humanitarians to make conscious choices in their fashion, making it possible for ethical fashionistas to find clothing that is vibrant, eclectic, and colorful. Clothing that they can fill their closets, guilt-free and shame-free.

When choosing to be a sustainable maximalist, we want to make fashion available for you that can be worn for any body type, any season, any year, any decade.

With the purposeful intention to make clothing that will never go out of style, you can hold tight to these clothes and love them forever. ABNY clothing is durable to last for decades to come. While we hope that these modern vintage pieces will be passed down generationally, we ensure that even if they do eventually get discarded, the organic fabrics will not harm our planet.

Our manufacturing and fabrics will always be produced with the highest social and environmental standards so that you can be a confident sustainable maximalist, always.


Buy what you believe in.

We are among a generation of individuals who care about supporting brands who represent our beliefs. We want to know that our purchases are protecting the wellbeing of people and the planet.

When looking to buy clothing, you have the power to support sustainable production, earth-friendly fabrics, small manufacturing, and positive self-expression. The ABNY supply-chain and manufacturing practices will always be shared with full transparency so that you can always feel good about what you're supporting.

Our sustainable retail experience for all humanitarians and maximalists to shop guilt-free. You can join the conversation of positive luxury fashion by expressing your values and emotion through the joyful clothing you wear.